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ApacheCon: Apache 2.0 Filters

I went to the talk on Apache 2.0 Filters by Greg Ames. I already knew a little bit about the Apache 2.0 Filtered I/O model from a session at the O’Reilly Open Source conference, but since I’m going to sit down and write one Real Soon Now, I oughta learn a little more about ’em. […]

ApacheCon: Watching the Alpha Geeks

Tim O’Reilly gave this morning’s keynote address. (Actually, what’s bizarre is that he’s actually giving the keynote address right now and I’m blogging via an 802.11b WLAN.) O’Reilly spoke about early adopters being a good predictor for technology trends. He compared the models of Napster and (distributed vs. client-server models) and how it often […]

Heading to ApacheCon

I’m off to Vegas tonight for the ApacheCon conference. I’m looking forward to learning about what people are doing with Apache 2.0. I’ve got this idea for a cool Apache 2.0 filter which I’m planning to work on in January. Basically, I’d like to be able to hilight search terms on a web page. You […]