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Ashim Theme

My final project for Music 40, compsed and performed with Mike Cafarella. This MIDI file is a song of pain, woe, revenge, and most importantly, Taco Bell. Mike and I performed a Sax and Trumpet duet. Check out the complete score (all 32 measures of it in Adobe Acrobat PDF, 37K).   a_theme.mid

Java Heap

An array-based implementation of a priority queue, using a Vector to do all of the dirty work. The HeapDescending class is probably what you’re interested in — it was implemented from the pseudocode in Cormen, Leiserson and Rivest. Source API package mjr.heap

Java TreeGraphics

A java package for visualizing binary trees in ASCII text. Only the abstract superclass TreeGraphics, and concrete subclasses NullTreeGraphics and ASCIITreeGraphics have been ported from the Pascal source developed for Brown University Computer Science 16. The TreeGraphics routines work by getting from you a pre-order traversal of your tree, in terms of calls to DrawInternal and DrawLeaf. The exact semantics of […]


xmsg uses Tk/Tcl and Sun RPC to pop up windows of text to a remote user. It is loosely based on the old cs project xmesg, which required you to munge with your xhost. xmsg instead uses a client-server paradigm to avoid security holes. Unfortunately, before I could finish xmsg, the cs dept. discovered zephyr (a […]

Jacksonville Charter School

Jacksonville Charter School was my group final project for ED/0100: Going to High School in America, 1945-Present. “What would an ideal school look like if it were built around thematic units that cross disciplines? This paper spells one answer out in detail” (SDSU’s Interdisciplinary Teaching with Technology). Jacksonville Charter School Education 100 Profs. Theodore Sizer and Paula Evans […]

Español Trés – Querida Srta. Alicia

(Esta página es tarea escrita de mi clase de Español Trés. Lo escribí en 1995.) Querida Srta. Alicia, Soy profesor de estudios hispános. Trabajo en una universidad muy prestigiosa y enseño una clase de español introductoria. Me gusta enseñar a los estudiantes porque son muy listos. Pero tengo un gran problema: ellos nunca hacen la […]