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Jacksonville Charter School

Jacksonville Charter School was my group final project for ED/0100: Going to High School in America, 1945-Present.

“What would an ideal school look like if it were built around thematic units that cross disciplines? This paper spells one answer out in detail” (SDSU’s Interdisciplinary Teaching with Technology).

Jacksonville Charter School
Education 100
Profs. Theodore Sizer and Paula Evans
TA Jessica Manlin
November 21, 1995

Special thanks to:

Reference Librarian Michael Jackson
without whom none of this would be possible

Also to:

Jessica, our devoted teaching assistant
T-Bone, our homeboy and inspiration
Evans, G-Bone, Perkins, Hirsch, Dewey, Cushman
the beautiful women of New Dorm 307A
Rachel and Gabe
the exquisite women of 530 Grad Center B
the mysterious upper floors of the CIT
Rock A9
the 3rd floor New Dorm lounge
Andy, who unknowingly paid for all of our photocopies
the androgenous powerbook Reggie
all of our moms and dads
Phoebe and the crickets, may they rest in peace

And everything that kept us going through it all:

the Pool
Viking Onslaught
Every member of every band that we listened to
Dunkin Donuts Munchkins
the one-armed man (we were scared!)
and the allure of “Plan A”

Iuvens non est meus filius
– The Jackson Five