Yahoo moving to PHP hits slashdot

Quite a buzz at the office today. My Making the Case for PHP at Yahoo! presentation appeared on slashdot, a news website about technology. I hardly ever read slashdot, but I spent all afternoon in total browser-refresh mode.

My colleague Jeremy Zawodny wrote about Yahoo! getting Slashdotted.

A quick recap of the events:

The talk itself was pretty uneventful. About 50 people attended the talk, and it went pretty well. No media or press attention.

What happened after the talk is kinda bizarre. Someone picked up on it and posted it on slashdot , a nerdy news website about technology.

Then the reporters started calling. The PHP-Yahoo! story eventually made it onto CNET

Pretty incredible. Overall, it generated quite a bit of positive buzz for the company because even though many people on slashdot thought Yahoo! should use perl or python or [name your favorite technology here] instead of PHP, at least people were pleased to see a internet site embracing open source technology.