Month: December 2002


We’re dog-sitting this week. Our friends Rob & Lamelle are in east Asia, so we’re watching Chaya, their Israeli mutt. I’ve been told by friends before that dogs are much more work than cats. You’ve gotta walk the dog two or three times a day! Luckily, Ariella has been taking mornings (I like to sleep […]

Top 10 Web-Design Mistakes

Jakob Nielsen’s Top Ten Web-Design Mistakes of 2002: “Every year brings new mistakes. In 2002, several of the worst mistakes in Web design related to poor email integration. The number one mistake, however, was lack of pricing information, followed by overly literal search engines.” As usual, Jakob is right on the money. Did you notice […]

Ray Sun has a blog

My friend Ray Sun, longtime MSFT employee and all-around kewl guy, now has a blog. I set him up with my tool of choice: MovableType. I didn’t even bother to run uname -a or perl -v. I just unpacked it, tweaked mt.cfg, and the thing just worked. Ray used to be a program manager for […]

YHOO is buying INKT

In a not-so-surprising turn of events, Yahoo! is buying Inktomi for $235M. There has been a lot of discussion both outside and inside the company about search engine competitor Google, so clearly Yahoo! is doing this to stay competitive in the search space. Whereas Yahoo! has something like 74 different properties in 25 countries, Google […]

Will McDonald’s follow United Airlines?

One of the nation’s biggest airlines recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Now I read this headline from Investor’s Business Daily: McDonald’s Expects Its First-Ever Loss As Chain Retrenches Amid Weak Sales. Another sign of the weak economy? Hardly. Maybe McDonald’s is losing money because they’re not vegetarian-friendly. I completely stopped giving Mickey D’s […]