chaya-thumb-1.jpg We’re dog-sitting this week. Our friends Rob & Lamelle are in east Asia, so we’re watching Chaya, their Israeli mutt.

chaya-thumb-2.jpg I’ve been told by friends before that dogs are much more work than cats. You’ve gotta walk the dog two or three times a day! Luckily, Ariella has been taking mornings (I like to sleep in) and I’ve been doing evenings.

I managed to get Chaya to sit still long enough to grab a couple of grainy frames with the webcam.

1 thought on “Dog-sitting

  1. Jeremy Zawodny

    Heh, reminds me a lot of the dog my friends Aaron & Kristin got when they were living in Japan. They named it Unix. The dog is insane. Very insane.

    Got a laser pointer handy? It drives Unix nuts. She’ll chase it all day long. 🙂

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