Michael J. Radwin

Tales of a software engineer who keeps kosher and hates the web.

What a long day!

I’m exhausted. I just got back home from a very long day in Sunnyvale. LAX to SJC to LAX. 16 hours of travel, caffeine, meetings, a bunch of phone calls, a ton of email, and some more meetings. I don’t think I wrote a single line of code today.

A few quickies before I light Chanukah candles with Ariella:

  • story.kosher.oysters.jpg Is it kosher to sell ‘kosher’ oysters? My brother-in-law forwarded me a link about a story on CNN about a guy in Louisiana selling “Certified Kosher” oysters. Hilarious.
  • For the first time in a long time, a spam email message slipped through my SpamAssassin filter. “Create Professional 3D eBooks” got a score of 4.0. Just one more point and it would’ve been neatly procmailed into my ~/mail/possible-spam folder. Oh well. Can’t win all the time.
  • I spent about 45 minutes chatting with one of my co-workers late this afternoon about the world of search engines (Google, AltaVista, Inktomi). Great technical discussion.
  • I met my folks for dinner at a Mexican restaurant off Castro St. in Mountain View. They got us a Chanukah present from Crate & Barrel. I can’t wait to open it!
  • CARAVA28.jpg Returned the stupid mini-van I rented from Dollar this morning. I won’t be renting from them at SJC ever again for two reasons. First, I’m sick and tired of reserving an Economy, Compact, or Mid-Size car and getting stuck with a minivan. Second, our travel policy indicates that our preferred vendor is Avis. Even though I’m saving the company money (getting the $32.99/day rate from Dollar vs. $50-something even with the Avis corporate discount), apparently I’m not being a good corporate citizen. Next time I’m going to just take taxis to/from SJC.

I’m off to light some candles!