Pagong Chair

POÄNG Chair from Ikea Ariella and I assembled our Pagong chair from Ikea last night. It’s beautiful and bouncy.

We first visited Ikea in 2000 during the first season of Survivor and were tickled to see that Ikea had named a chair after one of the tribes. But we waited almost three years before making the purchase.

Sitting in the Pagong chair last night, I smiled as I thought about the first Surivor season and how we watched with Gil & Becky every week. Maybe I’ll get a Rudy action figure for my birthday.

(Yes, I know that the rest of the world mistakenly calls it the Poäng chair. They’re wrong. If everyone else decided to jump off a bridge, would you do it, too?)

2 thoughts on “Pagong Chair

  1. jr


    I got one of those chairs right when IKEA first opened, (significantly before Survivor) It wasn’t called Pagong, but it’s a damn comfy chair, none the less. I had to get rid of it when i got married for all the usual reasons.

    Somehow, I’ve always had problems with IKEA being a sponsor for Survivor. Mostly because I don’t think Navy Seals recommend people pack allen wrenches in their survival kits.

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