70% considered low voter turnout?

Israeli polls opened about half an hour ago (they’re voting for Prime Minister). There’s little doubt that incumbent Ariel Sharon will beat Amram Mitzna in the election. The cover of last week’s Los Angeles Jewish Journal put it bluntly: Sure, He’ll Win the Election. But Can He Make Peace?

Skimming Ha’aretz for some news on the matter, I saw this:

An unprecedented number of undecided voters in Monday’s final public opinion polls indicate a possible turnout as low as 70 percent. [Ha’aretz]

Seventy percent is low? In the USA, we’d consider that superb. I guess when your very survival is at stake, people really get out the vote.

1 thought on “70% considered low voter turnout?

  1. Gabriel Cheifetz

    I think our very survival is at stake here, too, but people are actively discouraged from voting. For instance, many polling places close before people get off work. Also, Israel has proportional representation, which I’ve heard increases voter turnout, since people feel like their vote actually matters.

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