MovableType-2.6 release

Contrary to my pessimism yesterday about upgrading software, here’s a release I’m actually interested in:

Version 2.6. Version 2.6 is right around the corner. Some new features and improvements included in this planned release [Movable Type News]

Most of it doesn’t interest me too much, but I’d probably use Sanitize. I’ve already got an RSD file. I doubt I’ll license these ramblings via Creative Commons, but I’m interested in seeing what they mean by “support”. Leave it to technology to push the IP envelope.

Maybe jzawodn will upgrade from 2.21 so he can finally get TrackBack auto-discovery working.

4 thoughts on “MovableType-2.6 release

  1. Skadz

    Maybe both you and Jeremy can fix your RSS and RDF feeds while you are upgrading, so a) they are valid and b) they have all of each of your posts in them, so they can be read via an aggregator. 🙂 Check out this link on how to do this. Thanks! -Skadz

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