Month: February 2003

Why discussing patents over email is bad

In general, patents should not be discussed over email. If it turns out that the infringing company knew about the existence of the patent, it’s called “willful infringement.” In those cases, the infringing entity can be required to pay treble damages to the patent owner. If the patent was discussed over email then it’s much harder to make the argument that the infringement was accidental.

Peach-colored bathroom

We just completed our first optional home improvement project. Our master bath is now coral cove, which is really just a fancy name for peach. In the six months we’ve lived here, we’ve done other improvement projects, like hiring someone to fix the oven three times and the dishwasher twice, but I don’t exactly consider […]

Protecting email addresses for my Alumni Internet Directory

I’ve been publishing the Mountain View High School Alumni Internet Directory online since 1995. Think of it as an free version of, but just for my high school. Since a group of us started planning our 10-year reunion, I’ve been thinking about the website more recently. I’ve had RSS feeds on the site since […]