Peach-colored bathroom

Master Bath We just completed our first optional home improvement project. Our master bath is now coral cove, which is really just a fancy name for peach.

In the six months we’ve lived here, we’ve done other improvement projects, like hiring someone to fix the oven three times and the dishwasher twice, but I don’t exactly consider those to be optional. This we decided to do just because we could. We’re homeowners, darn it, and we’ll paint our bathroom whatever color we want!

We hired a guy named Armando to do the job. He did some painting for us in July so we knew he did good work for a very reasonable price. Err, reasonable might be an understatement; he’s dirt cheap and does high-quality work. If you’re looking for a painter in the Los Angeles area, I highly recommend him.

And yes, someday we’re going to buy a real digital camera that actually takes decent pictures.