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Photos from Israel

We’re back home. A few pictures from Israel that you might enjoy:


Taken on Ben Yehudah Street, a pedestrian-only promenade in Jerusalem. Business has been very slow the past 2.5 years.


Due to the threat of Iraqi chemical weapons, Israeli citizens have been issued gas masks. When you arrive at the Tel Aviv airport tourists can purchase one from the Post Office. Eerie. Here is a close-up of the piles of gas masks.


Ariella is checking her email from Daniel & Miriam’s computer. Their computer room doubles as their sealed room. All of our friends have one room of their apartment ready in case of biological or chemical attack.


We did lots of schmoozing and eating with our friends. Here’s a photo taken at David & Laura’s on Saturday Night as we were watching a tape of West Wing episodes.

More Israel Photos are in our Y! Photos album.