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Hebrew Computing on Mac OS X

mac-osx-1.gif We’re thinking about buying a Mac.

One of the things that has been holding us up is lack of support for Hebrew software. Until Mac OS X 10.2 was released, the operating system didn’t even offer native support for Hebrew. However, we’re still waiting for some important applications (such as NisusWriter) to come out with OS X native releases.

Last week I saw an email to the hebrewcomputing Y! group which listed off a list of some good Hebrew software for “real Hebrew computing” on Mac OS X.

  • Mellel for word processing (full Hebrew support)
  • OS X Mail app for Hebrew email
  • Safari and Camino for Hebrew web browsing
  • iChat and icy juice for instant messaging in Hebrew
  • iCal for calendar with Hebrew support
  • OS X address book with it’s built in Hebrew support
  • Keynote with the Hebrew template and direction services for Hebrew presentations

Now all we need are OS X editions of the Gemara and Tanach.