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TiVo upgrade

Hinsdale How-to TiVo upgrade After 3.5 years of using TiVo, I’ve finally decided to crack open the case and increase the recording capacity.

I purchased my Philips 14hr HDR112 TiVo (the first model ever manufactured) from Fry’s Electronics in Sunnyvale on October 22nd, 1999. Today, Ariella and I schlepped out to Fry’s in Woodland Hills to purchase a Maxtor 120GB hard disk for the upgrade.

I’m three hours into the process and am finishing step 8 out of 11. I hope to finish before midnight.

Update (11:47pm): Whoo-hoo! I’m done! Just gotta put the cover back on and bring it back into the family room…

My TiVo, post-uprade

163 hours, baby. Nice.