“Urgent: MacOS X users, please turn off Rendezvous”

As Jeremy pointed out, the wireless network at OSCON was having problems this morning. During the break in the afternoon session, there were little laser-printed signs all around asking people to please disable Rendezvous as it’s causing interference. There were even instructions on how to turn it off!

sudo mDNSResponder stop

Perhaps the “Networking, simplified” motto should be renamed “Networking, all screwed up.”

2 thoughts on ““Urgent: MacOS X users, please turn off Rendezvous”

  1. Derek Balling

    Actually, it was the firewalling stuff, it sounds like.

    When i can stay on Rendezvous and still see Nat using it, I know it’s just fine. 😉

  2. Jeremy Zawodny


    It sure didn’t look like much of an Apple endorsement. I loved that one of those signs was right by the terminal room. Of course, the terminal room was full of Macs supplied by Apple.

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