OSCON Wednesday morning

I bounced around on Wednesday between a bunch of different sessions. In the morning, I did some last-minute touch-ups on my slides, then caught the tail end of John Coggeshall’s Interfacing Java / COM with PHP. After my talk on One Year of PHP at Yahoo! (slides), I grabbed some lunch in the speaker’s room. Shane asked me to collect some feedback from my co-workers about Komodo since they’re starting to think about what might go into their 3.0 release.

I showed up a little bit late for Adam Trachtenberg’s Introduction to Web Services in PHP: SOAP versus REST talk, but the room was packed so I couldn’t find a seat. So I stuck my head inside Zak and Monty’s Guided Tour of the MySQL Source Code to catch an updated version of what had changed since the users conference in April.

I also checked out Shane’s Introduction to PEAR talk, but the conference room had run out of seats again. Too bad they didn’t pick a bigger room for the PHP talks this year.