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Guster: Keep It Together I was just introduced to Guster, a 3-piece band from Boston. I like their sound.

Ariella’s family came to visit this past weekend. On Sunday after brunch we gathered around my laptop to watch streaming videos from Yahoo! Launch. At 300Kbps, it’s an on-demand (albeit lower-quality) MTV experience.

Avital, an undergrad at BU said, “Hey, that’s a Guster video I’ve never seen before,” so we clicked and watched. Not bad. “Who’s Guster?” I asked. “They’re from Boston,” she replied.

I later logged onto KaZaaLite and grabbed 6 tracks and synced them to my iPod (the Apple Music Store isn’t available for PCs yet). My favorite so far is Two Points for Honesty. That song reminds me a little bit of The Waltons, a Canadian band I saw at the Filmore in 1998.