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Field Day by Shere

Field Day by Shere I was browsing through my CD collection this morning to find a few more albums to rip to my iPod and I came across Field Day, a funky acoustic pop album I hadn’t listened to in a while.

It’s good. And now that it’s on my iPod, I’ll probably listen to it more. I really like After the Rain and Watching Amy. If there’s interest, I’ll see if I can get permission from the artist to put a full-length sample MP3 up on my site.

Aside from being a talented singer/songwriter, Los Angeles local Daniel Shere is also a screenwriter. His claim to fame is co-writing an amusing short film called George Lucas in Love, a comedy that pays homage to both Star Wars and Shakespeare In Love. You may have seen it floating around the Internet back in ’99 when high-bandwidth content was all the rage.

The sheremusic.com website is a little goofy, but don’t let that prevent you from buying a copy of their album. At a total cost of $13.40 ($10.99 plus shipping & tax) it’s a pretty good price for a great album.