Month: July 2003

PHP libcurl example

In one of the sections on my “One Year of PHP at Yahoo!” talk I’m giving next week, I mention the security implications of the allow_url_fopen config setting. I recommend that people set allow_url_fopen off, and instead use the libcurl extension to do server-side HTTP fetches. Here’s a comparison of a simple HTTP fetch using […]

LA Times 7-Day Protest

Seven Day Vacation Protesting the Los Angeles Times: July 7 – July 14. Please join the boycott by calling the LA Times at 1-800-252-9141. Tell them that you are participating in a protest and would like to cancel your subscription for 7 days. [via valley luach]

How to scale PHP

With one week to spare, I’m finished with the slides for “One Year of PHP at Yahoo!,” a talk that I’m giving next week at the O’Reilly Open Source Conference in Portland. The finished product is a quite a bit different than the abstract I submitted, but I think it’s a good thing. This talk […]