Month: July 2003

Field Day by Shere

I was browsing through my CD collection this morning to find a few more albums to rip to my iPod and I came across Field Day, a funky acoustic pop album I hadn’t listened to in a while. It’s good. And now that it’s on my iPod, I’ll probably listen to it more. I really […]

I found the cure for hope

Avital laughed at my coffee mug yesterday at breakfast. Although familiar with the genre of “inspirational posters” from the SkyMall catalog, she had never come across the parodies of them. Obviously she had never seen Derek‘s cube. Back in 1999 when Yahoo! was still a relatively small company, we did a deal with Despair, Inc. […]


I was just introduced to Guster, a 3-piece band from Boston. I like their sound. Ariella’s family came to visit this past weekend. On Sunday after brunch we gathered around my laptop to watch streaming videos from Yahoo! Launch. At 300Kbps, it’s an on-demand (albeit lower-quality) MTV experience. Avital, an undergrad at BU said, “Hey, […]