Thanksgiving travel preview

I flew back from SJC to LAX tonight and got a taste of what air travel is going to look like tomorrow, the busiest air travel day of the year.

  • It was busy. Very busy. Two years after 9/11 it appears that Americans are no longer afraid of airplanes.
  • Instead of the usual business traveller crowd, my plane was filled with college students. Every single one of them had an iPod. I simultaneously felt very part of American pop culture (I’ve had one for almost 6 months now) and also a little bit old. No Nomad or Dell Jukeboxes to be found. The hot peroxide blonde sitting in the middle seat to me was talking to the guy next to her (an Amerasian with acne) about what he was majoring in. Both had iPods. And apparently both think the quarter system is better than the semester system.
  • TSA and the airport rent-a-cop security screeners seemed ready for the deluge of travellers. There were many more metal detectors and X-ray machines open than there usually are. Throughput was very good.

If you’re travelling on Wednesday, get there early and don’t forget your iPod.

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving travel preview

  1. Beth

    I did fly on Wed. I left MSP and landed at LGA with absolutly no problems and no i-pod. I then had Thanksgiving with 24 of our family members at Aunt Doris, it was great wish you guys could have been there though.

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