$0.20 PayPal fraud?

[PayPal Donate] Recently I’ve been receiving a number of $0.20 PayPal donations via the Jewish calendar website that I maintain. I think this has got to be part of some sort of fraud.

Since PayPal charges up to $0.30 in fees, these donations don’t make me any money. Luckily, I’m not losing 10 cents apiece (PayPal is generous enough to charge only a 20 cent fee on these transactions), but it’s essentially a waste of my time if the donation is less than $1. I’ve been processing refunds manually, but I’m wondering if I need to go thru the effort to set up IPN and automatically reject them.

3 thoughts on “$0.20 PayPal fraud?

  1. Derek

    I can’t speak to the paypal scenario, but this is a known tactic among meatspace organizations. If you disagree with $NON_PROFIT and know that it costs them, say, $2.00, to keep track of your donation, then making a bunch of $1.00 donations is equivalent to taking money out of the pockets of $NON_PROFIT you disagree with.

    This might simply be something similar.

  2. jr

    Cripes. Talk about literally nickle and diming an organization to death.

    Still, nice to know that some meat-head is protesting your site by giving Paypal his money.

    “If you don’t stop being useful, I’m going to put myself in this cage of rabid monkeys, and then we’ll see who’s sorry!”

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