T-mobile SIM unlock, part 1

motorola-v60g.jpg I’m travelling to India next month for work, and while there I plan to use a foreign SIM card with my tri-band GSM handset to make and receive calls. Apparently you can go to the local equivalent of the 7-11 there and purchase both a SIM card and prepaid airtime. It ends up being much cheaper than simply using T-Mobile’s WorldClass international service which costs $2.99/min for calls initiated or received in India.

Most GSM phone vendors in the USA sell simlocked handsets, which means that they won’t accept SIM cards from another vendor. I tried swapping cards with Ryan today and his Cingular card wouldn’t work in my phone (and my T-mobile card wouldn’t work in his).

I called T-mobile Customer Service to ask them to unlock my phone. It was a surprisingly pleasant 7-minute phone call. The rep asked me to verify name, mobile number, home number, and the last 4 digits of my SSN. She then asked me for the exact phone model number, my email address, and why I wanted to unlock my phone. She entered all of the info into a request form and told me that I’d be notified via phone or email within the next 24 hours with my unlock instructions.

So now I simply need to wait. I’ll post more once I complete the process.

[Update 28 April: see part 2]

5 thoughts on “T-mobile SIM unlock, part 1

  1. Sanjeev

    It is simple to unlock phone if you do before leaving USA. Just call to T-mobile and they just unlock remotly with in 1/2 an hour.


  2. christian ik

    calvary greetings to you over there

    Please help me out, i need specialcode for unlocking motorola phone

    please not the sim code but the phone code itself

    so please help out.so you can send the codes to my email box.

    this is my email address incubitandum2007@yahoo.com

    please i need your help.

    i will be ever grateful and appreciative if this is accomplished.and i promise that i will make people to know that your company is more than conquerer.

    thanks for your unalloycoperations

    Best regards!!!!!

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