T-mobile SIM unlock, part 2

I successfully completed the T-mobile SIM unlock process that I started yesterday.

T-mobile sent the following instructions:

T-Mobile Sim Unlock Request

Sim Unlock Reference: xxxxxxxx

IMEI: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Unlock Code: xxxxxxxx

Thank you for taking the time to contact T-Mobile. Below you will see the Instructions for unlocking your Motorola device.

NOTE: Before you start you must have a foreign (non-T Mobile) sim card entered into the handset.

NOTE: If the phone displays, “Please wait to enter special code” or “Contact service provider,” you will have to wait for it to change back. Please be aware that the phone must stay powered on to do this. If the battery is low, be sure to plug it in. It could take 15 minutes to an hour to change back. If the phone does not change back, the handset will need to be replaced.

If the display reads “Enter Special Code”, enter the unlock code and press “OK”

If the display does not read “Enter Special code”:

1. Press and hold the * key until an entry box is displayed, then let go

2. Enter *, #, 3, 2, # and press “OK”

3. Enter the unlock code and press “OK.” The display should read “Completed” or


Thank You,

Sim Unlock Department

T-Mobile USA, Inc.

I dropped by Andrei‘s cube this morning and borrowed his AT&T card, popped it into my Motorola v60g phone and it said “Enter Subsidy Password.” The above instructions were supposed to be specific to my phone model, but of course they didn’t mention Subsidy Passwords at all.

Ignoring the instructions, I entered the 8-digit Unlock Code at the top of the message and hit OK. Worked like a charm! The phone displayed Andrei’s phone number and the network carrier info indicated “AT&T Wireless.”

Mission accomplished.

48 thoughts on “T-mobile SIM unlock, part 2

  1. Paul

    Beware! T-Mobile has restrictions for giving out unlock codes. I bought a T-Mobile tri-band pre-paid phone for an overseas trip. Here is what T-Mobile had to say:

    “Unfortunately, we are unable to process your request at this time. The account must have been active for 90 days and a refill within the last 30 days.”

    I guess I’ll have to pay for the code from a place like GSMLocker.com.

  2. Charley Patterson

    I have purchased a T Mobile Pocket PC phone. I need to unlock it, but don’t have the code.

    Can you help me?

    Thank you,

  3. Joshua Cang

    My dad’s contract got expired and securing a new one would mean a new phone for him. Nonetheless, he sent his old phone to me(in the Philippines), thinking it can be used with a different sim card. since it was asking for a subsidy password, i tried guessing the code and eventually got it locked(telling me to contact my service provider). Now, i don’t know what to do and have left the phone useless. what should i do? is there still a chance for this motorola t720i to be used? pls email me…thanks..

  4. fay young

    i bought a t mobile v300 phone,i want to visit jamaica and use my digicel sim chip while in jamaica,can someone help me by sending the unlock code and instructions.

  5. Marlene Gomez


    tengo un motorola V66 de t-mobile y deseo afiliarlo aqui en colombia pero me pide codigo subsidy y no lo tengo me colaboran por favor.


  6. Marlene

    tengo un motorola v66 en colombia de t-mobile que debo hacer para desbloquear codigo subsidy


  7. R J N

    I have a t-mobile pocket pc phone now but have cingular service. anyone know how i can unlock this phone to allow it to work with my t-mobile sim card? Thanks.

  8. tiny

    any chance of gettin a subsidy code for my motorola t720i as its on t-mobile and i want it on O2 but i cant get it unlocked anywere can u help me please

  9. Mokus

    I`m planning to stay in Hungary til christmas and my swiss mobile was stolen. Unfortunately all hungarian Mobile Phones are sim locked so I can’t use my swiss sim card when I come back. Will I be able to unlock a phone I buy here so I can use it in Switzerland as well? (I probably buy a T-Online phone)

  10. roberta

    i have a sagem my-c2 mobile phone, can anyone tell me how to unlock it. i want to change sim card, it is currently on T-mobile??????

  11. Kendra

    I have a motorola v300 and the subsidy code does not except # or * I would really like to unlock it. Does anyone know what the code is for a V300?

  12. David Baker

    I have a way to unlock those Motorola and Pocket PC phones. Email me and I will give you the details.

  13. gary

    any idea what the unlock code is for a motorola v300 on t-mobile i want to use my o2 card in it im in the uk

  14. zhil

    I have script which generate online codes for the unlocking !!!



    N-Gage (QD) ,1100 ,2100 ,3100 ,3200 ,3210 ,3300 ,3310 ,3315 ,3330 ,3410

    ,3510(i) ,3595 ,3650 ,5100 ,5110 ,5210 ,5140 ,6100 ,6110 ,6150 ,6210

    ,6250 ,6220 ,6230 ,6310(i) ,6510 ,6600 ,6610(i) ,6650 ,6800 ,7110

    ,7190 ,7210 ,7250(i) ,7600 ,7610 ,7650 ,8210 ,8250 ,8310 ,8890

    ,8910 ,8910i ,9210(i)


    ST55, CL50


    GD50, GD55


    510,510w,520, B1200,7010, 7020, G510, 1300




    all models


    all old models

    mail me at zhil@ukr.net if you are interested in it.



  16. Dolores Roach

    I would like a code to unlock a sagem myx-1p or and unlock a sim card connect to digicel network. Could you please help me.

    D. Roach

  17. thiago

    I also have a moto v300, and no code, can someone please send me the subsidy code ? or gime some kind of help to unlock it?

  18. Craig

    i have the Motorola v500 on orange uk, as a result of their bad customer service i want the phone to be unlocked to O2 UK will the T-Mobile Sim Unlock Request unlock password work?

  19. Chaz Harris

    this is a question do u have the unlock code for the new t-mobile sidekick 2 so I can use on my at&t wireless plan.

  20. brett

    i have a sony ericsson t630 and its tmobile i wana unblock it so i can put any network in anyone have any ideas of how i can do this ??? thanxs

  21. teddy

    i need help in unlocking the sim lock for my phone i live i guyana and the phone is t.mobile(samsung sgh-v200) please help

  22. yvonne

    I have just purchased a Sagem My-C4 on t-mobile and need it unlocked for my return to Germany, any ideas?

  23. dino

    Does anyone know what’s the subsidy password for a moto v300 from T-Mobile so I can use it for ATT wireless.

  24. lean


    I’ve got a t-mobile motorolla v300 and have been sent my unlocking code by them but for some reason when I put any none t-mobile sim in the phone to unlock it I get a “contact service provider” message does anyone know how to get pasted this.

  25. Anonymous

    to lean

    leave your phone on with your sims card on it about 1-2 hours it will ask for the paswword later

  26. Richard Burton

    Can anyone please give me a unlocking code for a motorola v500 so i can use orange with it.It is currently on Tmobile. (hburtonr@aol.com)

  27. Robyn

    Can anyone unlock a T-mobile Sidekick 2??? I really need to get this unlocked since I will be traveling to another country and don’t want to pay T-mobile’s roaming fees. Please help me!!! allstargirl58@aol.com

  28. ade

    any idea what the unlock code is for a motorola v300 on t-mobile i want to use my o2 card in it im in the uk

  29. jennifer shirley

    what’s the best way to unlock a Sony Ericcson t300 from T-mobile. Please email me – thanks a lot!

  30. Anonymous

    Um… you ppl should just stop asking for unlocking codes… Its aboslutely pointless. People are not going to just give you a unlock code. Just phone around ur local cell phone stores and get them to unlock it. Stop being so cheap and pay like $12 to get it unlock.

  31. Anonymous

    Um… you ppl should just stop asking for unlocking codes… Its aboslutely pointless. People are not going to just give you a unlock code. Just phone around ur local cell phone stores and get them to unlock it. Stop being so cheap and pay like $12 to get it unlock.

  32. avin

    I want to unlock my T-Mobile V300 phone to use it in India. what do i need to do, if i have to use a foreign sim in it ? How can i unlock the sim or the phone from T-mobile ?

    can someone help me out with this?

  33. cesarr


    Tengo un motorola V66 T Mobile para activarlo en Colombia pero me pide un codigo subsidy password y no se cual es, por favor necesito ayuda.

    muchas graciassssssssssssss.

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