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mcdonalds-wifi.gif Ariella and I are at McCafe on El Camino Real in Palo Alto. She’s preparing materials for a lecture she’s giving this week, and I’m writing annual performance reviews for my team. If you buy a coffee drink (I got an Americano for $1.45) you get a free hour of wireless internet access. 802.11b/g network is provided by WayPort.

According to the Bandwidth Place’s Speed Test, I’m getting 316 kilobits/second. Not bad.

I am pleasantly surprised to report that the coffee is pretty good, too. And their baristas don’t seem to have the same angst that I expereience so frequently at Starbucks. And they even bring the coffee directly to your table!

I’m not thrilled about giving my business to McDonald’s (they have a bad track record for being vegetarian-friendly) but I just can’t complain about this place. Their Chipotle mexican fast food chain is also quite good.