Cygwin vs. UWIN

I got an email last week from AT&T Labs saying that UWIN 4.0 had been released.

I must’ve signed up for the uwin-announce mailing list a long time ago, because there hasn’t been a message sent to that list in over four years. Last I remember, UWIN 2.2 was hot off the presses during the summer of 2000.

Does anyone actually use UWIN anymore? At one point, you had to pick between UWIN, the MKS Toolkit, and Cygwin. They were all brand new technologies, and all competing for mindshare. But it seems to me that Cygwin has developed the largest community over the years. It’s what I still use on my Windows laptop.

Someday I’ll be like all of the other cool kids and have a Mac laptop. Then I won’t care about things like Cygwin or UWIN.

1 thought on “Cygwin vs. UWIN

  1. jr

    Wow. I thought uwin folded up a long time ago. Mind you, I’ve also tried Microsoft’s own unix toolkit and left wholely unimpressed.

    While I admire uwin’s tenacity, I’ve got to admit that cygwin is pretty much the toolkit of choice. (mostly because I don’t really see that many source files that include UWIN ifdefs.)

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