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Annual tech refresh: move to WordPress

radwin.org got compromised recently due to some sort of server-side vulnerability. Was it a MovableType bug? Some stale version of phpBB or a vulnerability in the ancient copy of PHP4 itself? Who the heck knows. I did a slash and burn and removed all stale PHP/CGI stuff and upgraded to PHP5. Looks like I got rid of it.

As a side effect, I’m saying goodbye to MovableType and taking the leap to WordPress. Maybe that way that blog I actively authored from 2002-2006 will actually avoid bit-rotting. Certainly this version looks a helluva lot better on lots of different devices, thanks to the whole “responsive” web design movement.

There’s going to be a bunch of broken links. Oh well. It’s a good thing that we’ve got search technology for anyone who really cares to find some ancient content I wrote.