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Monthly Archives July 2013

Paternity leave coding update

Three and a half weeks into my sabbatical, and I’ve actually found some time to code on Hebcal!

Some Hebcal accomplishments in July:

  1. Moved Hebcal for Unix code from SourceForge to GitHub.
  2. Added two new user-requested features and released hebcal-3.13
  3. Added Printable PDF support for Hebcal.com
  4. Forked a copy of Hebcal for Unix especially for hebcal.com
    • Replaced sunset calculation engine with PHP’s datelib
    • Replaced timezone/daylight saving time with PHP’s datelib
    • Updated world city database from geonames.org to include 300+ new cities
  5. Updated the USA ZIP code database

Ariella has been incredibly supportive. I’ve done about half of the work at home, and half of it at Hacker Dojo.

On paternity leave, hope to write some code

I’m taking 3 months off to hang out with the family! Baby Emma is doing great, and the big kids are, well, big. It’s been about 7 years since I’ve had a sabbatical from work, so this seems like a great time to do it.

One of my first projects was to move hebcal for Unix from SourceForge to GitHub.

Hebcal for Unix has been around for 20+ years. Danny Sadinoff wrote 98% of the code, and Michael has been fixing bugs and adding features here and there.

SourceForge had been providing hosting for the GPL code for 14+ years. We even converted from CVS to Mercurial about 3 years ago. However, with the recent changes to SourceForge code hosting, Hebcal got stuck in some sort of limbo-land. Lots of 500 Internal Server Errors.

So… we’ve decided to join the cool kids and make the transition from hg to git. And while making that transition we’ve also moved to GitHub, which is where all of the open source developers are hanging out these days.

Over the coming month we’ll be cleaning up the code and the hebcal.com website, removing references to the old sourceforge.net URL.

And then we’ll get back to fixing bugs and adding new features.