Author: mradwin

breast-cancer-wisconsin results (Nearest-Neighbor Machine Learning Bakeoff)

Wisconsin Breast Cancer from Dr. William H. Wolberg at the University of Wisconsin Hospitals, Madison. Records in the dataset represent the results of breast cytology tests and a diagnosis of benign or malignant. Attributes include clump thickness, uniformity of cell size, uniformity of cell shape, marginal adhesion, single epithelial cell size, bare nuclei, bland chromatin, normal […]

Wine recognition dataset (Nearest-Neighbor Machine Learning Bakeoff)

Brief information from the UC Irvine Machine Learning Repository: Donated by Stefan Aeberhard Using chemical analysis determine the origin of wines 13 attributes (all continuous), 3 classes, no missing values 178 instances Ftp Access 1. Title of Database: Wine recognition data 2. Sources: (a) Forina, M. et al, PARVUS – An Extendible Package for Data Exploration, […]

BUPA liver disorders dataset (Nearest-Neighbor Machine Learning Bakeoff)

Brief information from the UC Irvine Machine Learning Repository: BUPA Medical Research Ltd. database donated by Richard S. Forsyth 7 numeric-valued attributes 345 instances (male patients) Includes cost data (donated by Peter Turney) Ftp Access 1. Title: BUPA liver disorders 2. Source information: — Creators: BUPA Medical Research Ltd. — Donor: Richard S. Forsyth 8 Grosvenor […]

beast-cancer-wisconsin dataset (Nearest-Neighbor Machine Learning Bakeoff)

Brief information from the UC Irvine Machine Learning Repository: Donated by Olvi Mangasarian Located in breast-cancer-wisconsin sub-directory, filenames root: breast-cancer-wisconsin Currently contains 699 instances 2 classes (malignant and benign) 9 integer-valued attributes Ftp Access Citation Request: This breast cancer databases was obtained from the University of Wisconsin Hospitals, Madison from Dr. William H. Wolberg. If you […]

Priority search tree demo

Priority search tree demo was my final project for Brown’s Computational Geometry course. A priority search tree is a data structure that allows for efficient searching and point location in one and one-half dimensions (the upper bound on Y is missing). It is a hybrid of a heap and a balanced search tree (heap for y-coordinates, search tree […]


wristsavr — forces you to take a break. wristsavr saves your wrists: it periodically zwrites & xlocks your screen to remind you to take a 2 minute break. This is a little ditty that I whipped up last night to avoid working on my operating system. usage: wristsavr [-hb] [-m mins] -h Display usage information. […]

Ashim Theme

My final project for Music 40, compsed and performed with Mike Cafarella. This MIDI file is a song of pain, woe, revenge, and most importantly, Taco Bell. Mike and I performed a Sax and Trumpet duet. Check out the complete score (all 32 measures of it in Adobe Acrobat PDF, 37K).   a_theme.mid

Java Heap

An array-based implementation of a priority queue, using a Vector to do all of the dirty work. The HeapDescending class is probably what you’re interested in — it was implemented from the pseudocode in Cormen, Leiserson and Rivest. Source API package mjr.heap

Java TreeGraphics

A java package for visualizing binary trees in ASCII text. Only the abstract superclass TreeGraphics, and concrete subclasses NullTreeGraphics and ASCIITreeGraphics have been ported from the Pascal source developed for Brown University Computer Science 16. The TreeGraphics routines work by getting from you a pre-order traversal of your tree, in terms of calls to DrawInternal and DrawLeaf. The exact semantics of […]