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Wesley K. Clark for President

So I’ve been granted the lovely honor of being a guest author on my brother-in-law Michael’s blog. I’m so excited, and there are so very many things that I could talk about. But I think I’m going to talk about what was on my mind this morning at work (I work at the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco, which is just boring enough to provide me with plenty of opportunity for thought problems…).

Draft Wesley K. Clark for President in 2004!!

Why? OK, well, the Democrats don’t really have anyone. Let’s be honest. We’ve got Dennis Kucinich, who looks like a character actor from a terrible B movie. We’ve got John Edwards–TV psychic or South Carolinian Senator? John Kerry–looks like a bloodhound. Carol Moseley Braun–let’s get serious. Howard Dean–flash in the pan, soup du jour, flavor of the month. He won’t last. Joe Lieberman–right, because everyone wants a President who puts them to sleep with the very sound of his voice. Anyway, you get the point. It’s been belabored by others, so I don’t really need to elaborate any more…

And then you have Wesley Clark. Let’s see…Rhodes Scholar, graduated number one in his class at West Point, winner of the Purple Heart and the Medal of Freedom, Supreme Commander of NATO forces Europe, serious about national security, pro-choice, pro-environment, distinguished, brilliant, an Ike for the aughts. But truth be told, he’s got no money, no name recognition, and no organization, so in all likelihood Clark on the ballot will be as VP (Dean and Clark? ugh. Kerry and Clark? has a nice ring to it…).

But he’s my man for ’04. He can give to the Democratic Party the moral vision and clarity of purpose to raise the party out of its ideological quagmire. He isn’t a dove, and isn’t a hawk. He wasn’t opposed to the war in Iraq, but was opposed to our brazen hegemonic stupidity in acting outside of NATO and the UN(Check out his article in the Washington Monthly from September 2002).

Sadly, he could run in ’08, but Hillary’s got that one all sewn up…though Bill Frist will spank her in a general election. She’s the kind of candidate for whom the party faithful will love to vote. But I’m getting ahead of myself…

Anyway, that’s my thought for the morning.

Oh, one other, actually. This is a book recommendation: Bystanders to Genocide: Why the United States Let the Rwandan Tragedy Happen by Samantha Power. She’s brilliant, insightful, thoughtful, and brazen. Witness one of my favorite quotes from the book…”We have a foreign policy based on our amoral economic interests run by amateurs who want to stand for something