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Uniden TRU5885-2

We bought a Uniden TRU5885-2 5.8 GHz cordless phone yesterday. For the past couple of years we’ve been using a 2.4 GHz phone and have been suffering from interference with our 802.11b Wi-Fi home network. Picking up a phone call would sometimes disrupt the wireless Internet connection and our SSH sessions would terminate. When our […]

My blog is h0zed

MovableType databases got corrupted yesterday, and now everything has gone to hell. I am editing this file by hand. Waiting for my ISP to do a tape restore, which means I can’t really update the blog until Sunday… 🙁

Friday hack: rcs2log

One of my co-workers asked me this week for an easy way to see which files had changed in CVS over the last week. I suggested that rcs2log would be a good first start, but strangely enough he had never heard of it before. rcs2log is a nifty script that you can use to generate […]

Shared Libraries on my mind

I just finished writing up 4 pages of documentation on how to correctly build shared libraries for FreeBSD using Yahoo!’s Makefile macros. The fact that Makefiles are such a black art probably explains the popularity of alternative build systems. I’m sure a bunch of these ideas will be covered in Theodore Ts’o’s Designing and Creating […]

TiVo upgrade

After 3.5 years of using TiVo, I’ve finally decided to crack open the case and increase the recording capacity. I purchased my Philips 14hr HDR112 TiVo (the first model ever manufactured) from Fry’s Electronics in Sunnyvale on October 22nd, 1999. Today, Ariella and I schlepped out to Fry’s in Woodland Hills to purchase a Maxtor […]

Ploni ben Ploni

John Doe. Joe Schmoe. Ploni ben Ploni. When the Gemara needs a placeholder name but doesn’t want to use a real one, apparently it uses the name פלוני (transliterated here as Ploni). Ploni can be used both as a person’s name as well as a name of a place. In mock contracts, sometimes the formula […]