Category: Open Source

Designing and Creating Great Shared Libraries

Theodore Ts’o spoke about Designing and Creating Great Shared Libraries. It was a truly geeky talk, sprinkled with interesting historical trivia and packed with really useful guidelines and real-world examples. He started out by describing his personal history with shared libraries by descibing his involvement with Kerberos V5 and the Linux Standards Base. As a […]

“Urgent: MacOS X users, please turn off Rendezvous”

As Jeremy pointed out, the wireless network at OSCON was having problems this morning. During the break in the afternoon session, there were little laser-printed signs all around asking people to please disable Rendezvous as it’s causing interference. There were even instructions on how to turn it off! sudo mDNSResponder stop Perhaps the “Networking, simplified” […]

Introduction to XSLT

Sitting in a small room with about 20 other folks, I’m hoping to learn something about XSL and XSLT. Our instructor for this half-day tutorial is Mike Fitzgerald of Wy’east Communications (whose website appears to be unavailable right now). XSLT has been around for 3 or 4 years now, but this is the first time […]