Banzai on FOX

Last night I saw the premiere of Banzai, a mock Japanese game show of sorts where the contestants do a bunch of wacky things and the audience is supposed to bet on the outcome.

Banzai - Sundays at 8:30pm on FOX

I imagine that if you’re drunk it makes for a very entertaining experience.

9 thoughts on “Banzai on FOX

  1. David

    Did the show, by any chance, feature people dressed in giant foam hand costumes running around and flopping down on numbered squares on a giant board that corresponded to the answer to an arithmetic problem?

    If not, I guess that sounds pretty weird, but I saw a (hilarious) Japanese game show featuring that and other similar wackiness on a plane ride back from Spain a few years ago. It wasn’t subtitled or dubbed, it was just in Japanese, so I didn’t catch the name or really understand much of it at all.

  2. pmp

    One bit was how many balloons it took to send a chicken off flying (correct answer? 90).

    This article shows the disturbing impact of TV shows and their ever-consuming public.

    The part that really peeved me about the show was how they put in big blinking letters “Do not try this at home” and “No animals were injured during the taping of this show”.

    Ratings are king and morals are completely forgotten about. Once the lawyers see things like this, they insist not on pulling the segment, but putting disclaimers up.

    I wonder how many balloons it would take to get a piece of crap TV producer to take off flying:

    A) 300

    B) 600

    c) 2000

    d) 5000

    Bet Now!

  3. gbushshow

    I just watched a show which featured a little japanese man with a big head screaming “banzai!” for the last hour. I don’t think I have ever seen a show more annoying. It was an instant headache. Place your bets now. How long do you think this show will air?

  4. Trisha

    I just whatched the show tonight and I thought it was hilarious!!! I dont’t see why you other people hate it, maybe you have to watch a little more of it to find that there’s more to the show than just a little chinese guy with a big head yelling Bonzai.

    The show may be stupid but hey that’s the point. When shows like Joe Millionare, Anything for Love, and Paridise Hotel came on I thought it would be stupid and I bet many others thought the same but after I watched it I kept on watching it. My point is that shows like this are addicting, I know your thinking JEEZ you watch a lot of TV, but I really don’t. LOL

    Anyway my point is that this show isn’t stupid and if you don’t like don’t watch it! O and if you want to make comments about a show that you don’t like your pretty stupid just keep it to yourself and don’t watch the show again!!!

  5. zack

    yeah I agree with trisha that show is hilarious. I watched it with my asian roomate and we couldn’t stop laughing. I hope that it’s aired forever

  6. mayuko

    I am a Japanese. It became very sad when this TV program was known for the first time. There are many those who think also in Japan are unpleasant. Japanese which comes out in a program is also wrong. (That character does not exist in Japan.) Such a TV program is not in Japan. It is a big mistake if this TV program imitated the TV program of Japan. The person who likes such a program does not have culture.

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