Month: January 2003

Favicon contest: win $5

My good friend Scott has been bugging me for about a week now to get a favicon for I’m not the artist type (I still haven’t gotten past page 10 of Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards), so I need some help. Therefore, in good capitalist tradition, I’m going […]

New cartoon from Brian Frisk

Brian Frisk, creator of the We Are Robots cartoon series, has just published another cartoon entitled Off My Lawn#2: The Terrorist. “Flag-waving is a fun, colorful pastime that’s great exercise for your arms while helping to stick it to the terror organization of your choice. But sometimes it isn’t enough. Thank God for Clyde. He’s […]

Pagong Chair

Ariella and I assembled our Pagong chair from Ikea last night. It’s beautiful and bouncy. We first visited Ikea in 2000 during the first season of Survivor and were tickled to see that Ikea had named a chair after one of the tribes. But we waited almost three years before making the purchase. Sitting in […]